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Mink Manager Features

Mink Manager is made to be every mink farmers go to tool whether it be managing Barns, Minks or staff on the farm. All tools are made to be intuitive and easy to use even for a non technical person. Mink Manager also helps the farmer keep up with government regulations by registering each mink and cage with a unique ID. But why stop there… we have implemented custom farm to do list, breeding programs, medical test tracking and so much more!

Manage Staff

Mink Manager have been built to help the mink farmer to help manager their staff, we know that a lot of mink farmers is dependant on seasonal workers therefore we have made it easy for the farmer to create jobs/to do list for the workers on the farm. The manager can then follow the progress of the jobs given through our reports.

Analytics & Reports

One of the most powerful features in Mink Manager is the reports panel, this will in a second tell you how many minks you have on your farm, their ratio of different types, gender, kid average and so much more!! With Mink Manager you help you understand question like why are my minks larger in barn 1 than in barn 4.

Instant Synchronisation

No need to synchronise your device… our device is always up to date.

Quick Menus

Quick menus for the tasks you do the most

Built for speed

We know that time matters, therefore our software is made to run fast!

Role Management

Role management let you give different access levels to your staff.

Built in Breeding

We have built in breeding programs that can help you breed better and faster.

24/7 Support

If you ever need a helping hand our team is there for you!

Hardware made for Farming

Mink Managers device have been built from the ground up to withstand the use on a farm. The device is made in military grade materials which make it 100% waterproof and very rugged. We know that battery life is important to our customers therefore we have made sure that you have a enough battery to last a full days work outside even during the winter time. The device is also built with the latest touch technology which makes it possible to wear thick gloves and still be able to use the device.

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